Published: Monday 28 August, 2017

WATCH Wil Dasovich Vlogs About Cancer Staging Process: ‘I’m very scared’

After announcing that he had been diagnosed with cancer, Wil Dasovich vlogged about the cancer staging process he went through recently. He also shared his thoughts on his ongoing battle with the Big C.

Wil Dasovich colon cancer stage

Wil Dasovich talks about his cancer staging process. (Wil Dasovich/YouTube)

Accompanied by his parents, Wil Dasovich went to the University of California San Francisco Medical Center to undergo a series of tests to determine what stage his cancer is. Though he has failed to mention what kind of cancer it is, Wil later in the video mentions that it is somewhere in his colon area.

At the hospital, Wil underwent a series of tests such as PET scan, CT scan, and MRI as part of this process documenting all he could (all that was allowed by the hospital) for his subscribers. It was a tedious process taking about eight hours in total. And painful as well, with Wil showing how a needle was inserted into his arm so that fluid can be pumped into his system for the cancer staging.

It was very expensive too. One of the procedures alone costs more than $15,000 (P750,000), the cost of a new car in the Philippines!

When he was done with everything, Wil Dasovich poured out his thoughts on his ongoing battle with cancer.

“I’m very scared. I’m not gonna lie. All of this is very scary to me,” Wil said. “I’m not ready for all of this. It all just happened like that, and all of the sudden, it’s like, you know… sh*t’s real, but I am positive.”

Now the waiting game starts until he finds out what stage his (colon?) cancer is.

According to Cancer Research UK, here are the stages of cancer and what they mean:

Stage 1 usually means that a cancer is relatively small and contained within the organ it started in.

Stage 2 usually means the cancer has not started to spread into surrounding tissue but the tumour is larger than in stage 1. Sometimes stage 2 means that cancer cells have spread into lymph nodes close to the tumour. This depends on the particular type of cancer.

Stage 3 usually means the cancer is larger. It may have started to spread into surrounding tissues and there are cancer cells in the lymph nodes in the area.

Stage 4 means the cancer has spread from where it started to another body organ. This is also called secondary or metastatic cancer.

Hopefully, Wil’s cancer is only in the first two stages. Fingers crossed.