Published: Friday 02 February, 2018

WATCH Woman Curses, Spits, Kicks Brgy. Tanods in Annapolis, Greenhills

Caught on video was a woman who made a scene in Annapolis, Greenhills after her car was clamped. She can be seen cursing at tanods, spitting and kicking them when the tanods refused to remove the tire clamp on her car. The woman remains unidentified.

Woman kicks barangay tanods Annapolis Greenhills

The unidentified woman started cursing, spitting and kicking barangay tanods. (Facebook video screen grab/Marissa Suarez)

According to a Facebook post, the woman’s car was clamped because she blocked the basement parking of a building along Annapolis Street around 10:15 AM. When she arrived, that was when the cursing, spitting and kicking started. Not satisfied, she blew the car’s horn continuously. But the barangay tanods did not give in. In fact, they can be seen recording her hysterics as she made a scene in the middle of the street.

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According to a report on GMA Network’s 24 Oras, her brother arrived some time later and introduced himself as a soldier. He talked to the tanods while telling his sister to stay inside the car. Still, the woman continued to blow the car’s horn.

After a while, the police officers and barangay tanods let her go. According to the report, her brother was a PSG (presidential security guard). She left the scene at around 12:30 PM.

Ganun lang? Porke’t PSG and kapatid nakalusot na? 

Does anybody know who she is? The plate number of her Toyota Vios is AAA 6871.

Woman makes scene in Annapolis, Greenhills

Woman kicks tanods Greenhills