Published: Friday 02 February, 2018

WATCH Davao Taxi Driver Elcias Bugsad Sounds Just Like Duterte! (VIDEO)

A video of taxi driver who talks just like President Rodrigo Duterte has gone viral. Elcias Bugsad, a taxi driver in Davao City, is the latest viral star after his passenger, Rachelle Oyette Dequina, uploaded his video on Facebook. It has now racked up more than 4 million views!

Be warned, you could laugh uncontrollably while watching Bugsad’s video just like its uploader who can be seen in hysterics as the taxi driver dishes out famous Duterte lines one after the other. The voice is almost an exact copy of the president. And the accent is spot on!

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In the video, Elcias Bugsad said we can call him Duterte 2: “Duterte 2, presidente sa umaga, taxi driver sa gabi.”

And watch out for such Digong lines  as “I hate drugs!” and “Sipain kita!”