Published: Monday 12 February, 2018

VIRAL VIDEO ‘Helmet Girl’ Attacks Traffic Enforcer After Being Ticketed

An unnamed female motorcycle rider attacked a traffic enforcer after being issued a ticket for not wearing helmet. Dubbed as the ‘helmet girl’, the woman cursed at the enforcer and tried to hit him with her helmet.

Motorcycle rider helmet girl attacks enforcer

Unnamed ‘helmet girl’ attacking MMDA traffic enforcer. (screen grab Facebook video/Gadget Addict)

Motorists like ‘helmet girl’ are the kind of motorists on our roads that make out blood boil! Sila na nga ang mali, sila pa ang galit. And for attacking the traffic enforcer, she should have been handcuffed and arrested on the spot! The Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) should look into for this girl and file charges against her. SHE SHOULD BE TAUGHT A LESSON!

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According to the post of Gadget Addict, ‘helmet girl’ was a back rider when their motorcycle was first stopped by traffic enforcers on Road 3 in Quezon City for not wearing a helmet. She then became abusive to the enforcer after the latter allegedly began laughing at her. The enforcer then told her to file a complaint but she was still issued a ticket for not wearing a helmet.

Minutes later, she was seen again along Visayas Avenue still not wearing her helmet. And when stopped, the reason she gave for not wearing her helmet was because she bought food to take home and she was carrying it in her helmet!!!

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Apparently, lalagyan na ng ulan ang helmet ngayon!

And that was when the verbal abuse and physical attack escalated. PLEASE, MMDA, FILE A CASE AGAINST HER!