Published: Thursday 19 April, 2018

VIRAL Why Scarlet Snow Belo Cried Upon Seeing a Lechon (VIDEO)

While many of us welcome the sight of a lechon (roast pig), not Scarlet Snow Belo, the cute daughter of Vickie Belo and Hayden Kho. In a video posted by Mom Vickie, Scarlet can be seen crying at the sight of a lechon on a buffet table and accused the waiter of hurting the pig!

Scarlet Snow Belo lechon

Scarlet crying over the lechon. (Instagram/Vickie Belo)

Scarlet has a soft spot for animals, explained Dra. Vickie Belo in the video’s caption. Which means the their cure daughter will grow up to be an animal lover.

“I’m going to tell the kuya not to…oh he’s hurting the pig again!” Scarlet can be overheard saying as the waiter carved the lechon in front of them. 

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“Don’t do it again,” she told the waiter.

Does this mean that Scarlet will grow up to be a vegetarian? Or a vet?