Published: Tuesday 26 September, 2017

LOOK What Happened to Arci Muñoz’s Face Again?! More Cosmetic Surgery?

It seems like actress Arci Muñoz had another date with her doctor. Arci was seen on Instagram Live with another new look – new changes to her face. What happened to her lips? Is she pouting or are her lips just swollen? And, it seems, he nose has changed again!

Arci Muñoz

What happened to your face again, Arci Muñoz? (Instagram Live screen grab via Fashion Pulis)

Based on comments to her latest look, fans and netizens aren’t happy. Why does she keep changing her look, some asked. Why can’t she stop with her cosmetic surgeries, asked others. 

It will be recalled that Arci Muñoz caused an uproar recently with drastic changes to her nose that altered the total look of her face. But, it seems, she just can’t stop. Or was she just trying to repair the previous botched nose job?

Arci Muñoz