Published: Tuesday 12 September, 2017

WATCH Wil Dasovich is Going to be a Father Amid His Cancer Battle!

Yes, that’s right, Wil Dasovich is going to be a father. On his latest vlog, Wil Dasovich announced that he is preparing for fatherhood. But it’s not what you think. He hasn’t made anyone pregnant.

Wil Dasovich

Wil Dasovich and Alodia Gosiengfiao. (YouTube screen grab/Wil Dasovich)

Due to his impending cancer treatment, most specifically his chemotherapy, Wil has decided to take a precaution. You see, there is a risk that he may become sterile because of the chemotherapy so Wil Dasovich decided to have his sperm frozen! And to do that, he had to to go to sperm bank.

Watch his vlog below and see how went about this task. Warning: be prepared to laugh.