Published: Monday 05 March, 2018

Is Xander Ford Suicidal? Post Showing Wrist Cuts & Depression Elicit Concern

What is bothering Xander Ford? His Instagram post seems to indicate suicide although some netizens said Xander may just be seeking attention. Is Xander Ford depressed and suicidal?

It has been a tough journey for Marlou Arizala, aka Xander Ford. Bullied because of his looks, Marlou took the plunge to make drastic changes in his appearance in the hope that everything else would change for the better. 

With a new face and a promising career, it didn’t turn out as Xander hoped. True, he gained more fans but he still didn’t get the respect he was hoping for. Part of it was due to bashers, who still bullied him even after the cosmetic changes he undertook. But part of it was also due to Xander Ford himself.

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Reports that he had become swell-headed and arrogant behind the cameras trended on social media thus tarnishing the new image he was trying to build up. One incident after another didn’t help his cause. It seems controversy became his twin in his new persona.

With his career in limbo, it is just understandable that Xander would be depressed. And that’s what he wrote on his Instagram post.

Is Xander seeking help, or is he seeking attention?