Published: Monday 03 July, 2017

Erich Gonzales Admirer Xian Gaza Used Huge Billboard to Woo Actress

Actress Erich Gonzales just got invited for coffee by one of her fans. But it was no ordinary invitation. It’s even touted to be the ‘first time in Philippine history’ – a giant billboard invitation on the side of a building in Morayta, Manila.

Xian Erich

Xian Gaza’s selfie with Erich that started it all. (Instagram/Xian Gaza)

The fan is Xian Gaza, who said Erich Gonzales ‘left a massive imprint’ in his heart when he met her earlier this year. And to show how special Erich is to him, he made the huge billboard invitation in the hope that the Kapamilya actress would accept and they would get to know each other better.

“I can’t even espresso how much I like you a latte. Will you… drink coffee with me?” said the billboard in Morayta, with Xian Gaza even addressing Erich with her real name, Erika Chryselle Gancayco.

Xian Gaza billboard invitation

Xian Gaza’s giant billboard invitation to Erich Gonzales. (Instagram/Xian Gaza)

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And, in a letter to the actress, Xian related how he became so smitten.

Xian Gaza Erich Gonzales

The invitation has since gone viral, eliciting varied reactions from netizens. There are those who swooned at Xian ‘romantic’ approach in trying get to know Erich Gonzales. However, there are also netizens who think Gaza’s approach is creepy, and advised Erich not to accept the invitation.

What do you think? If you were Erich, how would you react to the invitation?