Published: Saturday 17 February, 2018

Xian Lim Goes Bold on ‘Sin Island’ with Coleen Garcia & Nathalie Hart

Is Xian Lim totally shedding his wholesome image? Is going bold the new direction of Xian’s career? On ‘Sin Island’, the actor is seen in highly provocative scene with Coleen Garcia and Nathalie Hart.

Xian Lim bold

Xian Lim in bold and sexy scenes on Sin Island. (YouTube screen grab/ABS CBN Star Cinema)

Never have we seen Xian Lim tackle a role like this before. Going bold with in sexy scenes on ‘Sin Island’, he plays the role of David, a successful photographer married to Kanika (Coleen Garcia), a flight attendant. But when his career slumps, David plunges into depression thus putting stress on his marriage. Kanika tries her best to help her husband but when she fails, she finds herself drawn to a pilot (TJ Trinidad).

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David and Kanika’s marriage falls apart and the former flees to an island resort. There, he meets Tasha (Nathalie Hart), an uninhibited free spirit who satisfies David’s yearnings.