Published: Tuesday 27 December, 2016

2016 MMFF Box Office: Top Grossing Films Named

Three days into the 2016 Metro Manila Film Festival, this year’s top grossing films were named by the festival’s executive committee.

2016 MMFF box office

What are the 2016 MMFF box office results so far? (PHOTO: MMFF/Facebook)

In an announcement on its official Facebook page, the 2016 MMFF Executive Committee named the top grossing films so far this year. Arranged in alphabetical order, the top 2016 MMFF box office performers are:

Ang Babae Sa Septic Tank 2
Die Beautiful
Vince and Kath and James

Take note that no figures have been listed. In an interview with ABS CBN News, Noel Ferrer, spokesman of the 2016 MMFF, said they did this deliberately for several reasons: one, the Execom did not want to favor any film at this stage in the festival, and two, the figures might create some sort of trending which may influence movie goers.

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Ferrer noted that the final figures will be released at the appropriate time.

In the statement posted on Facebook, the MMFF said it has ‘re-assessed’ its target for this year after a policy change that saw more commercial and big-draw movies excluded from the festival in favor of ‘quality’ films. The committee reiterates that it will continue to support the 8 festival films this year, as well as push for this new policy for audience education and development.

“THE MMFF EXECOM is happy to have reached our 1st day target ticket sales. We have re-assessed and set a new benchmark for this festival, we nevertheless look at the financial sales for the 1st day as a real bonus as we have already achieved what we started out to in the first place which is the cultural advancement through our Filipino films. You cannot put a price at something which the future generations of Filipinos will find priceless and ageless.”

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“We shall continue promoting and supporting the 8 MMFF entries as they all deserve to be watched and patronized by the Filipino audiences.”

“Rest assured that the MMFF Execom will always serve to our best effort all our stakeholders and serve the greater purpose of not only commerce but also of audience education and development.”