Published: Thursday 01 June, 2017

A Handbag for P18.92 Million? Diamond Himalaya Birkin Breaks Record Price

Someone just paid US$380,000 (PHP18.90 million) for a Diamond Himalaya Birkin bag at an auction in Hong Kong. It now holds the record for the most expensive bag ever sold at auction.

Diamond Himalaya Birkin

The record-setting Hermes Diamond Himalaya Birkin handbag. (Isaac Lawrence/AFP)

So what makes this Birkin handbag very expensive? First of all, ‘ordinary’ Hermes Birkins are already expensive. But this one sold at auction at Christie’s Hong Kong is made from the skin of a Himalaya Niloticus Crocodile. What’s more, the bag is encrusted with diamonds while its buckle and Hermes padlock are made of 18K gold!

What made it even more expensive was its rarity. One two Diamond Himalaya Birkins are made each year, according to a Christie’s spokesperson quoted by the AFP. And, with news that Hermes will soon discontinue the Himalaya line, the price shot up even higher.

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The record price eclipsed last year’s record-holder: another Diamond Himalayas Birkin which sold for ‘only’ US$297,000!