Published: Wednesday 24 January, 2018

LOOK Airport Baggage Handler Robbing Passenger’s Luggage Caught on Video

A video showing what looks like an airport baggage handler opening a suitcase and robbing it of its contents is now viral. The video comes amid the issue of luggage theft at the airports that led to MIAA dropping MIASCOR Groundhandling Corporation as its manpower supplier.

Caught in the act: airport baggage handler opening passenger’s suitcase. (Facebook screen grab/Anthony Enriquez)

In the video posted by Anthony Enriquez on Facebook, an unidentified man can be seen arranging passengers’ luggage until he stopped at a black suitcase. The man, who looks like a baggage handler, then opens the zipper of the suitcase and starts rummaging through the contents.

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No details were given on where on when the video was taken. However, based on what can be seen in the video, its probably in one of the country’s major airports.

Theft at the airport became front page news recently after an OFW posted a video of his luggage robbed of almost all its contents at Clark International Airport. An investigation led to the suspension and subsequent termination of several MIASCOR personnel. The incident angered President Rodrigo Duterte who then ordered the termination of MIASCOR’s multi-million contract with the Manila International Airport Authority.

Of late, MIASCOR said it would appeal the decision but Malacanang already announced that Duterte will not entertain any appeal.

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