Published: Thursday 15 December, 2016

Pinay Beauty Queens Maggie & Parul Win Amazing Race Asia 5 Finale

The results are in… Filipina beauty queens Maggie and Parul are the winners of The Amazing Race Asia 5!

Amazing Race Asia 5 winners

TARA 5 winners Parul and Maggie at the final pit stop. (PHOTO: Screen cap from AXN)

The finale of Amazing Race Asia 5 aired tonight and it was a nail-biter, and not because of the editing. The finale race of the season saw the lead change hands several times because of skill and bad luck. In the end, though, it may have been destiny that decided this year’s Amazing race Asia winners.

Three teams were left in final race – Yvonne & Chloe from Malaysia, and Eric & Rona and Parul & Maggie both from the Philippines. They were all directed to go to Bali where this season’s winner would be determined.

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Eric and Rona were in the lead but lost it to Parul and Maggie towards the middle of the finale. However, Bali traffic and a slow taxi driver saw Yvone and Chloe overtake the other two teams towards the final challenge.

As we have seen in previous editions, the final challenge was more cerebral than physical. Using coconuts, one team member must correctly recall which team was eliminated at which leg of the race, as well as which clue corresponds to which leg.

Here was where Parul and Maggie took the lead, proving to one and all that beauty queens do have both beauty and brains. Maggie was focused and was first to finish the task. All they had to do now was get to the final Amazing Race Asia 5 pit stop first.

Amazing race Asia 5 finale

Parul and Maggie running towards the finish during The Amazing Race Asia 5 finale. (PHOTO: AXN/Twitter)

Pinay beauty queens Parul Shah and Maggie Wilson Consunji arrived at the pit stop first to win The Amazing Race Asia 5, followed by the Malaysian pair of Yvonne and Chloe with Eric and Rona in third place.

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As the Amazing race Asia 5 winners, Parul and Maggie won US$100,000, which would be a big help to Parul’s family, especially her father, who is recovering from a stroke. The beauty queens disclosed early on that winning the TARA 5 prize for Parul’s family was their ultimate goal.

It was the second consecutive win for the Philippines in The Amazing Race Asia. The team of Richard Herrera and Richard Hardin were the winners of the previous edition a couple of years a