Published: Saturday 29 September, 2018

Ang Probinsyano: Emotional Scene as President Oscar Digs Up & Hugs his Family

Ang Probinsyano huling yakap

#FPJAPHulingYakap: President Oscar Hidalgo bids his family goodbye. (ABS CBN)

There was no dry eye among viewers of Ang Probinsyano Friday night. In the episode tagged as #FPJAPHulingYakap, President Oscar Hidalgo finally had a chance to see and hug his family one last time.

After all the guards left, an emotional Oscar Hidalgo, surrounded by Cardo and members of Vendetta, started to dig up the bodies of his wife and two children. Seeing the grief on the president what he wanted to do, Vendetta finally helped Hidalgo in digging up his family.

One by one, the president said goodbye to his wife, Marissa and their two kids.

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On social media, viewers expressed how they were affected by the episode with many saying they, too, cried with President Oscar Hidalgo as he said his final farewell.

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