Published: Wednesday 28 December, 2016

LOOK Angel Locsin Wearing a Wig to Hide Hair Fall by Salon Accident?

Why is is Angel Locsin wearing a wig? Photos of Angel in a wig has kept social media buzzing with a number of speculations pointing to hair fall as the reason.

Angel Locsin wig

Angel is wearing a wig to hide her hair damaged by a salon accident? (PHOTO: Angel Locsin/Instagram)

Suddenly, Angel Locsin’s thick, beautiful hair is now covered with a wig, and a not-so-flattering wig at that! It looks like she is hiding something under that mass of false hair which led many to speculate that her hair may have been damaged in a salon accident. Why else would someone who has lustrous long hair suddenly hide it?

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Only a week ago, Angel Locsin posted photos during a hiking trip and it looked like her hair was still okay back then. But, in her latest picture on Instagram posted four days ago, the wig is already there.

A number of social media comments alleged that a certain salon was responsible for Angel Locsin’s damaged hair. Reportedly, Angel’s hair was burnt so badly that only a few inches were left.

Meanwhile, other comments are saying that Angel’s hair is just brittle after the treatment and wearing a hairpiece is the best way to protect it from further damage.

Whatever the real reason is, Angel Locsin’s wig is definitely hiding something.

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