Published: Monday 02 July, 2018

Are Kris Aquino & Vice Ganda Still Friends? Kris has an Intriguing Answer

Time was when Vice Ganda and Kris Aquino were very close. In fact, Kris would call Vice her ‘asawa’ probably because they were almost always together. Are they still friends? How is their relationship today.

Vice Ganda Kris Aquino friends

What’s the status of Kris and Vice’s friendship? Is Kris offended when Vice Ganda impersonates her?

Kris Aquino and Vice Ganda are now rarely seen together these days. And, they don’t talk that much about each other, too, though Vice Ganda would, once in a while, imitate Kris. The last time was just last Saturday during the Miss Q&A Grand Finals.

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In front of Kris’ ‘mortal enemy’, Vice Ganda impersonated Kris!

This is probably why a follower asked Kris about the status of her friendship with Vice during her recent Instagram Q&A.

‘Are you still friends with Vice Ganda,” asked Jaennie de Chavez, to which Kris Aquino replied, “I hope so.”

What’s so intriguing about this was how Kris replied in contrast to a similar question about Boy Abunda.

“Are you and Boy Abunda still friends,” asked mtena563. Kris Aquino’s reply was a definitive ‘YES.”

See the difference?

Vice Ganda Kris Aquino friends

Kris Aquino’s Instagram Q&A where she was asked abiut her friendship with Vice. (Instagram via FashionPulis)