Published: Wednesday 14 December, 2016

Baguio Grade 10 Student Stabbed 40 Times for Cellphone & P200

A Baguio student died after being stabbed 40 times by suspected robbers . The Grade 10 teenager was killed on his way to school after using a shortcut that had been the scene of several other robberies and holdups.

Student stabbed 40 times


Police identified the victim as Kenneth Velasco, 16, a student at the Pines City National High School (PCNHS). Residents of Barangay Labsan found him at around 6:55 AM, Tuesday, in a pool of blood and calling for help after being stabbed 40 times by suspected robbers. The alley is a shortcut that leads to the back of the school from Naguilian Road.

Velasco was rushed to the Baguio City General Hospital but was declared dead on arrival by the attending physician. He died from injuries and loss of blood after being stabbed 40 times in different parts of his body.

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According to the doctor, the stab wounds mainly on his neck and some parts of his torso were small, probably caused by a small knife or an ice pick.

“Parang maliit yung mga saksak sa katawan nung bata nung nakita namin. Baka maliit na knife or ice pick yung ginamit,” ABS CBN News quoted Dr. Haywood Fernandez, Velasco’s attending physician.

Police suspect robbery was the motive as his mobile phone was taken as well as his P200 pocket money.

Kenneth Velasco’s death is currently undergoing investigation. For one, police are looking into how many attacked the student. According an Inquirer report, a teenage boy was seen leaving the alley just after a scream was heard.

Another angle, meanwhile, was reported by the Herald Express. According to the report, a gang war may have been the reason for the attack on Velasco rather than robbery, although his valuables were taken by the perpetrators. The same report said three suspects may have attacked the Grade 10 student.

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But Velasco’s mom said her son had no known enemies. She also said she always reminded Kenneth not to use the shortcut for it was a dangerous alley.

“Wala naman siyang kaaway. Di siya kasama sa frat. School at bahay lang talaga siya. Sana sa gumawa nito makonsensya ka. Di mo na lang iniwan yung anak ko ng buhay,” said Mrs. Claire Velasco.

“Sinabi ko sa kanya na wag siyang dadaan ‘dun dahil delikado. Kinwento niya kasi na may mga kaklase siyang na hold-up na doon. Kaya sabi ko wag na wag siyang dadaan dun, pero nagtaka ako bakit siya dumaan dun,” she said.