Published: Saturday 09 December, 2017

Banning Motorcycles from EDSA Now Under Consideration: MMDA

Don’t look now but motorcycles may be banned from EDSA. According to the Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA), this is now being considered to help decongest traffic along EDSA and, more importantly, to reduce the number of fatal accidents in the Philippines’ busiest (and most congested) stretch of road.

motorcycle ban EDSA

Should motorcycles be banned from EDSA? (Ruy Martinez photo/Manila Times)

MMDA engineers are now doing a comprehensive study on the proposal as directed by the Metro Manila Council (MMC), revealed Bong Nebrija, MMDA operations supervisor. The MMC is the policy making body of the MMDA. It is composed of the all the 17 Metro Manila mayors.

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Earlier, the MMC disapproved the proposed two-day number coding scheme.

According to Nebrija, more than 65,000 motorcycles use EDSA daily compared to around 279,000 cars. However, motorcycles are blamed for a majority of fatal accidents on EDSA: 218 out of 426 in 2016.

But critics of the plan are already up in arms against the MMDA proposal. Why target the minority users of EDSA instead of the majority? They have also slammed the plan as anti-poor since most motorcycle users are from the lower-income bracket.

Meanwhile, supporters of the ban say it is about time EDSA is rid of motorcycles. In fact, they say that motor bikes should not be allowed on major highways such as EDSA, Commonwealth Avenue, Roxas Blvd., C5, etc.

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What’s your take on this issue? Should motorcycles be banned?