Published: Monday 05 December, 2016

Baron Geisler Accuses Ping Medina: ‘Rapist ka daw!’

Yes, Baron Geisler is at it again! Despite already apologizing to Ping Medina and director Arlyn dela Cruz, Geisler seemingly made a turnaround and is now accusing Medina of being a rapist!

Baron Geisler

Photo via Baron Geisler/Facebook

‘Rapist ka daw,’ Baron wrote on Ping Medina’s Facebook page. The controversial actor says he has evidence, secret photos, that he will reveal in public to support his accusation. He warned that Ping will be jailed when the time comes.

The latest controversy is a continuation of the peeing incident during the shooting of the indie film ‘Bubog’. It will be recalled that Medina and Dela Cruz were furious at Geisler after the latter urinated on Medina’s face during a scene in the film. The peeing incident was not in the script. Complaints were filed against Baron and, as a result of the incident, he has been banned by PAMI, the Professional Artist Managers, Inc.

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Baron Geisler has since apologized for everything.

But over the weekend, this new controversy erupted. On Ping Medina’s Facebook page, Baron posted the following in the comments:

Baron Geisler Ping Medina

What Baron wrote on Ping’s Facebook page. This has ince been deleted. (PHOTO: Facebook/Ping Medina)

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