Published: Wednesday 07 March, 2018

Baron Geisler in Jail After Threatening to Kill Brother-in-Law with a Knife!

The drama and scandals never stop for Baron Geisler. Days after getting beaten up by his brother-in-law, Baron Geisler is the one in jail he allegedly threatened to kill the latter with a knife. He is now detained at the Angeles City Police Station.

Baron Geisler in jail

Baron Geisler in jail and facing several charges after threatening to kill his brother-in-law. (GMA News/Twitter)

Baron Geisler was arrested outside the house of his sister and brother-in-law in Angeles City. This after his brother-in-law, Michael Robin Stone Morales called the police to complain about the actor going amuck outside of their residence and threatening to kill him.

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At first, Morales told the media, Baron was only shouting at them to come out of the house and threatening to kill Morales. But after Geisler’s sister, Grace, shouted back the they would only talk to him if he agreed to go to rehab, Baron became more violent. He was later seen brandishing a kitchen knife and he continued his threats.

Baron Geisler admitted his violent behavior but said he was only provoked by members of his family. Nevertheless, he will be facing charges of grave threats, alarms and scandals, and violation of Batas Pambansa 6, for illegal possession of deadly weapon.

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Just last Saturday, Geisler took to social media to show his badly bruised face after Morales alleged beat him up.