Published: Thursday 31 May, 2018

LOOK ‘Bingot’ P100 Bill from ATM Machine May be Worth More Now

Another set of defective P100 bills have surfaced online, and it may be the worst yet. In the P100 bills withdrawn by Reina Jean Prescillas from an ATM machine, President Manuel Roxas appears to be ‘bingot’, or having a cleft lip (harelip).

According to Reina Jean Prescillas, she withdrew the money from a PSBank ATM machine in Quezon City but didn’t notice the defect until she got home. Prescillas said she was shocked when she finally noticed the cleft lip on president Roxas.

“Yung nag-withdraw ako tapos BINGOT ung 100 pesos ko. Hindi naman bingot si Manuel Roxas.”

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Prescillas told GMA News that she immediately informed the bank where she withdrew the money from.

In a statement, the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) said it will investigate how the defective P100 bill passed their inspectors, and how it happened.

There have been several defective bills reported in the past. Last year, some P100 bills came out ‘faceless’ and this the BSP attributed to a printing error. But is the ‘bingot’ defect also due to a printing malfunction, or the work of a prankster within the BSP printing system?

Nevertheless, Prescillas should hold on to her defective bills. Because of its rarity, we’re sure they’re now worth more than P100!

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