Published: Tuesday 13 December, 2016

Blind Pinay Alienette Coldfire in ‘France Got Talent’ Grand Finals Tonight!

Tonight is the night Alienette Coldfire competes in France Got Talent Grand Finals, where she is the sentimental favorite to win. Will the blind Filipina singer win it all?

Alienette Coldfire, aka Katchcry Jewel Golbin

Alienette Coldfire in France Got Talent. (PHOTO: Facebook/La France a un incroyable talent)

Katchcry Jewel Golbin, aka Alienette Coldfire, has captured the hearts of France Got Talent viewers since the first time she sang on the show’s stage. Singing ‘I Dreamed a Dream’ from Les Miserables in French, many wept when they heard her beautiful voice and the emotion it brought to the song. Alienette qualified for the next round that night.

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Many don’t know, though, that it was Ogie Alcasid who helped Alienette join ‘France a Incroyable Talent’.

In the semifinal round last December 6, Alienette sang ‘Les Moulins de Mon Coeur’ (The Windmills of Your Mind) and, again, brought tears, to viewers’ eyes.

Blind since birth, Katchcry Jewel Golbin, ‘Jel’ to her family and friends, was determined to pursue her dreams despite her disability. She worked hard, and studied harder, in school. In college, she chose French as an elective subject and practiced relentlessly by speaking to her Facebook friends every night. Soon, she spoke French like it was her mother tongue.
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Singing for Alienette seemed to come naturally. Her beautiful voice captivates listeners with its raw emotion whenever she sings. Such is the case in France Got Talent, where she will, hopefully, emerge as the winner.

A native of Iloilo, family, friends and supporters will be watching and praying as Katchcry Jewel Golbin, aka Alienette Coldfire, competes Tuesday night (Wednesday morning in Philippine time).

The grand finals will be live streamed via the show’s Facebook page HERE.