Published: Thursday 05 April, 2018

Boracay Closed for 6 Months Starting April 26: Who’s to Blame for this ‘Calamity’?

Farewell, Boracay, for now. Those planning to go to Boracay will have to wait six months, at least, to do so. This after President Rodrigo Duterte finally approved the closure of Boracay after an ‘exhaustive’ Cabinet meeting on Wednesday.

Boracay will be closed to tourism starting April 26. This was the decision of the president after considering the recommendation of three government agencies namely, the Department of Tourism, Department of Environment and Natural Resources and the Department of Interior and Local Government.

According to Malacanang, Duterte also listened to the proposal of the Department of Trade and Industry to close Boracay on a staggered basis but, in the end, the need to effect the necessary environmental reforms on the island prevailed.

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Calamity Funds for Boracay Workers

Likewise, Malacanang said calamity fund “will be activated’ to aid the estimated 36,000 workers who will be temporarily displaced by the closure.

We all knew this was coming after Duterte described Boracay as a ‘cesspool’ and threatened to close it if environment problems would not be addressed. The only question was when.

Who’s to Blame for Boracay’s Woes?

Boracay was neglected and abused by the very people and businesses who benefited from it most. And, of course, the corrupt LGU and environmental officers tasked to safeguard it by properly implementing existing laws. They only have themselves to blame for all of this.

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With the closure and rehabilitation of Boracay now rolling, we hope all those accountable for its environmental and zonal woes will be the next thing on the government’s agenda. Who signed the dubious licenses, permits and ECC’s? They should be prosecuted!

Boracay six months closed

Hopefully, we will see Boracay this clean and beautiful again after its rehabilitation.