Published: Sunday 29 April, 2018

Finally, LGU Officials in Boracay to be Charged for Neglect & Possibly Graft

The national government will file charges against local officials of Boracay. Administrative charges against the Boracay officials are being finalized and will be filed with the Office of the Ombudsman. Finally, those responsible to Boracay’s environmental woes will be held responsible.

As we have said all along, the current woes of Boracay would not have happened if local officials only implemented existing laws. Buildings could not have been built without the issuance of permits. Businesses could not have operated without permits and environmental clearances. The reason why Boracay is facing the current problems it has is because officials were either sleeping on their jobs or turning the other way.

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A complaint of grave neglect of duty will be filed against TEN Boracay officials, confirmed Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) Assistant Secretary Epimaco Densing during a television interview Thursday.

The draft complaint has already been finalized  and is now awaiting evidence authentication by several government agencies said Densing. He did not name the officials.

Meanwhile, there is a possibility that criminal charges will also be filed. The national government is presently auditing the proceeds of the environmental tax collected from tourists and how this was used. For 2017 alone, an estimated 2 million tourists arrived at the island. P75.00 environmental fee is collected from all tourists, which means that around P150 million should have entered the government’s coffers. However, according to Densing, only P91 million was declared by the Boracay LGU.

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