Published: Sunday 13 May, 2018

BREAKUP Are Marvin Agustin & Markki Stroem the Subjects of Blind Item?

The real relationship of Marvin Agustin and Markki Stroem have always been the subject of rumor and speculation. Now, a blind item about the breakup of an actor-businessman and an actor-singer have led some readers to guess that it’s about Marvin and Markki.

There have been persistent rumors about Marvin Agustin and Markki Stroem. The two were reportedly seen on vacation together several times in the past. However, they are rarely seen in a vacation photo together.

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One case in point: Photos from June 2017 seem to show that Marvin and Markki were on vacation together because their photos had the same Balai Anilao backdrop. Another case was earlier this year when netizens used the hashtag #LoveWins after photos of the two on vacation in Japan with some friends were posted online.

Marvin has brushed off the rumors repeatedly. The actor said Markki is a good friend. He has also lashed back at netizens spreading the rumors with a couple of cryptic posts: 

“Before you assume, learn the facts. Before you judge, understand why. Before you hurt someone, feel. Before you speak, think,” Marvin Agustin wrote. “NEVER. BE. JUDGEMENTAL. It wont help any situation and wont do you any good. In fact, nakakapangit”

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The rumors didn’t die down. And in a recent blind item about an actor-businessman and an actor-singer breaking up, some netizens guessed that it’s Marvin and Markki!