Published: Monday 01 October, 2018

Business Partner Who Allegedly Duped Kris Aquino Identified as Nicko Falcis?

kris Aquino Nicko Falcis

Kris Aquino and Nicko Falcis. (YouTube)

The person who allegedly deceived Kris Aquino has been identified by Lolit Solis. True to her ‘pasabog’ style, Lolit said the business partner Kris Aquino was referring to in her posts is none other than Nicko Falcis.

Nicko Falcis handled some of Kris Aquino’s businesses and endorsement deals, particularly Nacho Bimby and Snail White. According to Aquino’s posts about the deception and financial humiliation she suffered recently, tens of millions of pesos are involved.

“I have told you the recently discovered truth regarding the financial abuse, careless disregard for my existing endorsement contracts, and the total lack of respect for me as a business partner (not KCAP which is a sole proprietorship company- but our movie snacking outlets- 14 branches of Nacho Bimby + Potato Corner; and the just launched Thai beauty brand Snail White). This has taken a tremendous toll on my physical and emotional well being,” Kris said in one of her posts on social media.

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Though she did not name the business partner who allegedly deceived her, this was revealed by Lolit Solis a couple of days ago.

On the morning radio program hosted by Arnold Clavio, Joel Zobel and Ali Sotto on DZBB, the legal problem of a certain actress was discussed. They treated it as a blind item though Kris had already written about it on social media. As the discussion wore on, Lolit Solis phoned in and identified the actress as Kris Aquino. She then blurted out the name of the business partner who allegedly deceived her of her ‘tens of millions’ – Nicko Falcis.

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Curiously, Falcis’ Instagram account has been disabled.

Kris Aquino nor her legal team has not confirmed Lolit Solis’ ‘revelation’. Nor has the camp of Nicko Falcis made any comment on the matter. As such, this remains an allegation.

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