FIBA Suspends 10 Gilas Pilipinas Players & 2 Coaches for Brawl vs Australia

Gilas Pilipinas Australia brawl

The FIBA suspension everybody has been waiting for was finally handed down today. The suspension was expected after the bench-clearing brawl against Australia last month, the only question was how long, and what other sanctions the Philippines would face. FIBA suspend 10 Gilas players, 3 Australians, 2 Pinoy coaches and 3 referees.(George Calvelo/ABS More...

by Randy Antonio | Published 10 hours ago
FIBA suspension
By Jason Lewis Corpuz On Thursday, July 5th, 2018

Gilas Players Suspended by FIBA Due to Brawl Likely Suspended in PBA as Well

The waiting game continues for the disciplinary action of FIBA on Gilas Pilipinas and Australian players involved in the brawl last Saturday. Definitely, there will be suspensions. The only question now is how More...

Terrence Romeo Marc Pingris
By Brando Co On Wednesday, July 4th, 2018

Terrence Romeo & Marc Pingris Apologize fore Roles in Gilas Pilipinas Debacle

Two days after the now infamous Philippines Australia brawl, Gilas Pilipinas player Terrence Romeo and former national team member Marc Pingris issued their apologies. Terrence Romeo and Marc Pingris. (Instagram/ “Buong More...