New Video Shows Xander Ford / Marlou Arizala Actually Bashing Kathryn

Xander Ford Marlou Arizala

There’s no denying it. Xander Ford REALLY BASHED Kathryn Bernardo. A new video has emerged showing him actually mocking Kathryn for being sakang. But it is an old video. He was still Marlou Arizala then. Nevertheless, Xander can no longer deny that he never bashed Kathryn! Xander Ford can no longer deny he bashed Kathryn, The new video is proof! More...

by Randy Antonio | Published 1 year ago
Xander Ford denial
By Randy Antonio On Sunday, October 15th, 2017

Xander Ford Denies Bashing Kathryn Bernardo Despite Video Showing Otherwise

Not me. That is what Xander Ford is saying about a video showing him bashing Kathryn Bernardo. Ka-boses ko lang, that’s his defense a day after he himself earned a barrage of remarks from KathNiel fans and More...