Published: Saturday 11 August, 2018

Miss Universe 2018 Predictions: Two Pageant Sites Pick Catriona Gray TO WIN!

Catriona Gray Miss Universe predictions

With all these Miss Universe 2018 predictions, hopefully Catriona won’t peak too early. (Instagram/Catriona Gray)

As Miss Universe 2018 inches closer, predictions on who would win have started. And one contestant, Miss Universe Philippines Catriona Gray, seems to be getting a fair share of the predictions. Catriona is becoming a hot favorite!

Two pageant sites have picked Catriona Gray to win Miss Universe 2018 – online pageant magazine Sash Factor, and Miss Universe fan site @missuniverse_moments.

Earlier, pageant experts at Missosology have placed Catriona in its Top 3!

While all these predictions are very exciting and encouraging, let’s hope Catriona Gray does not peak too early. Because it’s still a long way to December 16!

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Miss Universe 2018 prediction Sash factor

Miss Universe 2018 prediction


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