Published: Sunday 22 July, 2018

CCTV Video Shows Alabang Mall Shopper’s iPhone Snatched by 2 Salisi Operatives

An Alabang Town Center (ATC) shopper lost her iPhone to two snatchers inside the mall. And a CCTV video shows exactly how they did it.

Alabang Town Center snatchers

The snatching incident as captured on video by Mango CCTV cameras. (YouTube)

In a video captured by CCTV cameras of Mango at ATC and posted by Alabang Bulletin, the snatching modus was revealed. The shopper was unaware that she would fall victim to the snatchers, who are most probably salisi operatives.

Watch as the female shopper, who was busy checking out items on sale at Mango, was sandwiched by the two snatchers. The victim can be seen at the back end of the shop wearing a yellow shirt when the two snatchers slowly preyed on her.

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According to the video, the salisi operatives were an old woman and a man wearing a cap. They can be seen slowly walking to wards the victim who was unaware that she was already being targeted. 

As the video shows, the two snatchers sandwiched her by pretending to look at items in the rack near her. And that was when the victim lost her iPhone 7.

According to Alabang Bulletin, the incident has already been reported to the ATC management and police.