Published: Wednesday 31 October, 2018

LOOK Who is Naked Photobomber Behind Cesar Montano in Viral Video?

cesar montano photobomber

Cesar Montano’s seemingly ordinary video greeting has gone viral due a rather scandalous reason. As Montano was talking to camera, woman was seen walking in the background totally naked! Who is she?

The video has now been removed from Cesar Montano’s social media account but it’s too late. Quick-thinking netizens have already made screen grabs of the scene and some have even downloaded the video!

There has been no reaction nor statement from Cesar Montano about the viral video and netizens have been kept guessing who she is. Is the woman the new ‘wife’ of the actor, or maybe, his latest conquest? Montano is known as a womanizer and it won’t be surprising if the naked photobomber is actually his latest girlfriend.

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