Published: Tuesday 09 May, 2017

Confirmed: Paolo Ballesteros Posts Photo with Boyfriend Ronald Ochoa Anog

Finally putting a stop to all the rumors and speculation, Paolo Ballesteros confirmed his relationship with Roland Ochoa Anog. Paolo posted a photo with his partner/boyfriend on Instagram, and even answered an follower’s comment with “Confirmed!”

Paolo Ballesteros boyfriend

Paolo Ballesteros and boyfriend Roland Ochoa Anog together. (instagram)

Rumors about Paolo’s relationship with Roland Anog surfaced after the actor/TV host posts a photo of his hand holding another guy’s hand on Instagram a couple of weeks back. Wearing identical ‘promise rings’, the words “I love you” are written across the photo, which is captioned “2nd”. His followers then concluded that it was Paolo and his boyfriend’s second anniversary.

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Paolo also tagged Anog in the photo.

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The identity of Roland Ochoa Anog was finally confirmed after his photo on his Facebook page revealed he was wearing the exact same ring.