Published: Thursday 04 October, 2018

Congressman John Bertiz Hospitalized Due to Monthly Period Stress, Chest Pains

John Bertiz hospitalized

The week’s stress has taken its toll on ACTS OFW Party-List congressman John Bertiz III.

Controversial party-list congressman Aniceto ‘John’ Bertiz III is in hospital. Bertiz, the representative of ACTS OFW party-list, is hospitalized after complaining of chest pains. This may be due to the stress brought about by a series of controversies he was involved in the past week. But, then again, it may also be due to his ‘monthly period’!

Congressman John Bertiz III has been in hot hater for the past week after a NAIA CCTV video surfaced showing his rude behavior to a security staff. Bertiz was reportedly asked to remove his shoes for security purposes but the latter refused. Bertiz even shoved his access pass ID to the NAIA staff and also ripped of the latter’s ID to look at it.

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After being slammed by netizens for his arrogant behavior, John Bertiz III provided several excuses (palusot!) to no avail. He even blamed his behavior on his ‘monthly period’ which put him in even hotter water after women’s rights advocates cried foul.

Two other incidents involving Bertiz surfaced – a shouting match with an OFW and his infamous joke about withholding PRC licenses for those who do not know Bong Go.

Asked about Bertiz’s hospitalization, former Manila mayor and now Buhay Party-List congressman Lito Atienza quipped: “He is in the hospital to have his menstrual period checked.”

An ethics complaint is being studied against Bertiz in the House of Representatives.

john bertiz III

Cong. John Bertiz III’s controversial incident at NAIA. (Facebook screen grab)

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