Published: Tuesday 30 May, 2017

DARNA Cast Members Leaked: Anne Curtis, Iza Calzado, Maricel Soriano

Aside from Liza Soberano as DARNA, the cast also includes Anne Curtis as Valentina, Iza Calzado as another villain, and Maricel Soriano as DARNA’s mother. Other members of the Darna cast have yet to be revealed.

Darna cast

Anne Curtis will be Valentina in DARNA movie remake.

According to unconfirmed reports and social media rumors, Anne Curtis has been tapped as Valentina, the Darna nemesis with snakes on her head, a takeoff from Medusa of Greek mythology. Anne has reportedly been informed about her role for some months now, even when Angel Locsin was the one playing Darna. In fact, Anne has been keeping herself fit for the upcoming role.

The villain Iza Calzado will be playing is still unknown but it has been ‘confirmed’ that Iza is part of the Darna cast. Meanwhile, Maricel Soriano will reportedly play the role of Liza Soberano’s mother in the movie.

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Another coveted role will be Ding, Darna’s sidekick. No word yet on who this will be.

Meanwhile, Liza Soberano has finally spoken about her Darna role and confirmed that she will play the coveted role.