Published: Tuesday 23 October, 2018

Darren Espanto vs JK Labajo: Twitter War Erupts Between Former Pals Over ‘Gayness’

Darren Espanto JK Labajo

JK Labajo vs Darren Espanto.

A word war between Darren Espanto and JK Labajo erupted on Twitter over the latter’s alleged ‘gayness’ post. JK Labajo denied posting the remark and blamed it on a hacker but Darren does not buy it.

The former friends, who began their careers in The Voice Kids several years ago, are no longer pals, apparently. Darren Espanto has directly accused JK Labajo of lying to his teeth about the ‘gayness’ tweet and he sound quite angry. But JK maintains that his Twitter was hacked.

It will be recalled that this is not the first time conflict erupted between the two over Darren’s alleged sexual orientation. A discussion inside PBB house involving JK Labajo and other housemates talking about someone gay became a hot topic. Though the name of Darren Espanto was not mentioned in that discussion, viewers concluded that JK and the other housemates were talking about him.

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JK has categorically denied they were talking about Darren.

darren espanto jk labajo

jk labajo darren espanto

darren espanto jk labajo

darren jk twitter war


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