Published: Thursday 20 September, 2018

Despite Mocha Uson Apology, Deaf Group Wants Ombudsman to Punish Her

Mocha Uson deaf video

Mocha Uson and Drew Olivar: they never learn! (Facebook/Mocha Uson)

Will the Ombudsman fire Mocha Uson for allegedly making fun of deaf people? The Philippine Federation of the Deaf (PFD) thinks Uson deserves to be punished for her controversial video and it has filed a complaint with the Office of the Ombusdman against her.

In the viral video Mocha Uson posted on Facebook several days ago, blogger Drew Olivar can be seen imitating sign language and making sounds as is he was deaf. Uson cannot be seen in the video but she can be heard laughing in the background.

Both Olivar and Mocha Uson have since apologized separately but the PFD said it cannot accept the apology.

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“No we don’t accept. There are so many deaf people that we have asked and I’d like to tell you that they don’t accept apology,” said Carolyn Dagani, president of the PFD.

“We would like to see penalties applied if this is prudent. They can learn their lesson and this will be an example for others. It’s easy for them to apologize and change their minds. But this will really set a bad example if it is not penalized,” she added.

Meanwhile, aside from the PFD, the Commission on Human Rights (CHR) is also after Mocha Uson’s Hide. In a statement, the CHR said it is already investigating the incident.

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“Our CHR-NCR (National Capital Region) office is already investigating the case as part of our mandate to protect the rights of the vulnerable sector, also in recognition of the complaint filed by the Philippine Federation of the Deaf,” the CHR said in a statement.

“We welcome the public apology the duo recently issued. However, for an apology to be genuine, it must be coupled with a full sense of accountability, concrete actions to rectify the wrong done, and future actions should manifest efforts to protect and promote the welfare and dignity of the PWDs.”

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