Published: Wednesday 10 January, 2018

LOOK Diego Loyzaga Shows His ‘Bird’ After Video Scandal Goes Viral

More than a week after Diego Loyzaga accidentally posted a scandal photo on Instagram, it is still a top topic on social media. And because the photo is blurred, some netizens are still on the hunt for a ‘clearer copy’, if ever there is one. Finally, Diego himself posted a photo of his ‘bird’.

Diego Loyzaga

Here is what Diego Loyzaga’s bird looks like. (Diego Loyzaga/Instagram via FashionPulis)

Loyzaga has since admitted that it was actually video and not a photo. He was in Amsterdam at the time, and took a video of himself in the buff just before going into the sauna. However, just as he was about to save it, Diego mistakenly pressed the ‘My Story’ button instead of the ‘Save’ button which are side by side.

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“Pero talagang accident lang na na-post ko. Saved and My Story on Instagram [settings] is right next to each other,” Loyzaga added. “Na-save ko siya and I didn’t know na nilagay ko siya sa My Story, na hindi naman talaga dapat na-post.”

“So, nung nalaman ko na na-post pala yun, tinanggal ko kaagad.”