Published: Thursday 08 November, 2018

Diego Loyzaga Suicide: Unconfirmed Reports Young Actor Tried to Commit Suicide

diego loyzaga suicide attempt

What could have prompted Diego Loyzaga’s suicide attempt? (ABS CBN photo)

Did Diego Loyzaga try to commit suicide? Or was it a cry for help from the young actor? Unconfirmed reports said Diego attempted suicide by slashing his neck and wrists and he is now recovering at a hospital in Quezon City.

The suicide attempt reportedly took place on Tuesday night, November 6 after Loyzaga was overheard talking on the phone with someone. Minutes later, Diego reportedly slashed his throat and writs using a Swiss knife.

His companions immediately called the paramedics and Diego Loyzaga was give first aid. The young actor was then taken to St. Luke’s Medical Center in Quezon City where he remains until now, recovering from his self-inflicted injuries.

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According to PEP, it tried to get statements from people close to Diego but it never received a reply. Star Magic issued a statement but it neither denied nor confirmed the suicide attempt.

Star Magic merely said: “Diego and family are doing fine. And are requesting for privacy. Thank you,” according to PEP.

Diego Loyzaga suicide

Diego and his mother, Teresa Loyzaga. (Diego Loyzaga/Instagram)

But the mere silence from his family almost confirms the reports. If the suicide attempt is not true, they can easily deny it via a statement.

What could have prompted Diego Loyzaga to commit suicide?

diego loyzaga suicide

Diego Loyzaga had a trouble relationship with his father, Cesar Montano

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