Published: Tuesday 04 September, 2018

Duterte Called a ‘Hitler Admirer’ by Israeli Newspaper, and Unwelcome in Israel!

Duterte Hitler admirer

Duterte is not welcome in Israel said two newspapers! (Philstar photo)

The Filipino community may have accorded President Duterte a ‘rockstar’ welcome in Israel but not everybody is as welcoming. Duterte has been called a ‘Hitler admirer’ and two newspapers said he is not welcome in the country!

The Times of Israel protested President Rodrigo Duterte’s visit by saying he has no place in the country. The Times of Israel cited Duterte’s earlier remarks praising Hitler as the reason. The newspaper also cited his alleged human right abuses in the Philippines and the pending cases filed against him in the International Criminal Court (ICC).

“Duterte will land in Israel on Sunday night — professing friendship, seeking weaponry. This man has no place here,” said the Times of Israel in its editorial ahead of the visit.

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The newspaper was referring to Duterte’s remarks in 2016 comparing his war on drugs to Hitler’s killing of millions of Jews. Duterte said then that “Hitler massacred three million Jews … there’s three million drug addicts. There are. I’d be happy to slaughter them.”

The president has since apologized for his comments but, apparently, this was not enough to erase the hurt he has caused to may in Israel.

This was also the the reason cited by Haaretz newspaper in its editorial entitled “A Hitler Admirer at Yad Vashem”. The newspaper also scored the Israeli government for overlooking Duterte’s alleged human rights violations in favor of an arms deal with his government.

“Israel has never been choosy in its international relations. In fact, it has an impressive record of relations with dubious regimes and leaders, and its weapons sales to the very worst regimes have been previously reported. Under the shadow of Duterte’s visit, Israel once again proves it’s willing to overlook leaders’ human rights violations for the sake of opportunities for arms deals and defense contracts,” Haaretz said in its editorial.

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“Duterte has been accused of human rights violations in his own country under the cover of his war on drugs and organized crime, which has presumably included ‘social cleansing’ operations and the murder of thousands of people without a trial. The man who compared himself to Hitler, boasting that he’d be happy to slaughter each and every one of the millions of drug addicts in the Philippines, will, as is usual on such visits, tour the Yad Vashem Holocaust remembrance center, and also a memorial in honor of Filipinos who saved Jews during the Holocaust,” it added.


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