Published: Friday 23 December, 2016

Duterte is ‘Most Googled’ Person in PH But Trump is #1 Worldwide

Who are the ‘most Googled persons’ in the world? Well, in the Philippines, it’s President Rodrigo Duterte!

Duterte most Googled person

Rodrigo Duterte, the most Googled person in PH. (PHOTO: Lyn Rillon/Inquirer)

Duterte is the most Googled person in the Philippines, according to TIME magazine. Duterte is on top of Google search trends for the whole 2016. 

Using information from Google‘s search engine, TIME collated all of the data to come up with the article “See the Most Googled Person in Each Country in 2016″.

Duterte landing in number 1 is understandable. He has piqued the interest of many Filipinos when he ran for president. Even before declaring his candidacy, the reluctant candidate already stirred a lot of interest because of his track record in Davao City. And, as the campaign wore on, this snowballed and the rest is history.

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After being elected president of the Philippines, the interest continued albeit with controversy. His war on drugs, the extra judicial killings in the country which is being attributed to him be detractors, and his colorful personality (and tongue) are more than enough for Filipinos to Google Duterte for the latest news.

Most Googled Person in the World for 2016

Worldwide, another controversial personality topped the searches. Yes, Donald Trump is the most googled person in the world, according to TIME. His biiter campaign against Hillary, and his upset win are enough to propel the new ‘leader of the free world’ to number 1 on Google.

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Elsewhere, local personalities are most Googled, including athletes who won medals and honor for their countries during the Olympics. Take Singapore, for instance. Joseph Schooling is the most Googled person in Singapore not only for winning the country first Olympic gold medal but also for beating the mighty Michael Phelps in the process. What a feat, indeed!

But not all countries have locals as the most Googled. Celebrities, American celebrities in particular, are tops in some countries: actress Angelina Jolie in Tunisia, singing diva Celine Dion in France, Leonardo DiCaprio in Morocco, and even model Gigi Hadid in Montenegro.

Check out the full results of TIME’s ‘Most Googled Person in Each Country in 2016’ HERE.