Published: Friday 16 June, 2017

Duterte Not Sick: Palace Releases Photos of President to Dispel Rumors

Amid speculation that President Rodrigo Duterte is unwell, photos of the president doing fine were released by Malacanang yesterday. One set of photos published by Bong Go show Duterte doing some paperwork at Bahay Pagbabago, his official residence (formerly Bahay Pangarap). Later, another set of photos from Malacanang show Duterte visiting Villamor Air Base.


President Rodrigo Duterte is not sick, says Malacanang as latest photos of Chief Executive were released. (Presidential Communications Office)

Rumors that President Duterte is sick began after he miss several appearances early this week. The Chief Executive was absent during the Independence Day celebrations. He was likewise missing from a PDEA event where he was supposed to be the guest of honor.

Before missing his appointments, Duterte was last seen at Villamor Air Base on Sunday when the bodies of eight of the 13 Marines killed in Marawi arrived. The president was even seen crying with the Marines’ families.

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Malacanang said Dutetre was just resting. After all, he is 72 years old and needs to recharge more often than many of us need to.