Published: Sunday 10 December, 2017

Motorcycle Riders Denounce Ban on EDSA, Tag Proposal as ‘Stupid’

Motorcycle riders gathered at the EDSA Shrine to denounce the proposed EDSA motorcycle ban. Calling the proposal ‘stupid’, the group of motorcycle riders said they will reject the plan.

EDSA motorcycle ban

Riders protest against proposed EDSA motorcycle ban. (Zhander Cayabyab/Twitter)

The ‘protect action’ was the motorcycle riders’ reaction to the move by the Metro Manila Council (MMC) directing the Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) to make a comprehensive study on banning motorcycles from EDSA. The MMC and MMDA cite the number of accidents on EDSA attributed to motorcycles, many of which were fatal.

Data cited by the MMDA said 218 out of 426 fatal accidents along EDSA in 2016 were due to motorcycles. More than 65,000 motorcycles use EDSA daily.

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But the group of motorcycle riders slammed the MMC proposal as discriminatory. They also denounced the implementation of the motorcycle lane as dangerous for it limits their movement along EDSA and other major roads with such lanes.

But the MMC, composed of all 17 Metro Manila mayors as the policy-making body of the MMDA, said there is a law that bans motorcycles (and tricycles) from national roads that has not been properly and consistently implemented. Now, they are considering implementing the law.

The MMC and the MMDA, however, assured motorcycle riders that alternate routes will be provided should the EDSA ban be implemented.

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