Published: Friday 16 December, 2016

Eiffel Tower Lights Switched Off For Aleppo as Ceasefire Collapses

One of the world’s most iconic landmarks has made a symbolic gesture of support for Aleppo. The lights of the Eiffel Tower in Paris were turned off is a show of solidarity with the people of Aleppo this week.

Eiffel Tower Aleppo

Eiffel Tower in Paris goes dark for Aleppo. (PHOTO:Twitter/Syrian Revolution @S_R_L_W)

The Eiffel Tower went dark Wednesday night. The Eiffel Tower lights were switched off at 8 PM local time in support of the people of Aleppo who are caught in the middle of a civil war that has already claimed thousands of lives. Thousands more are under threat especially in the rebel held eastern side of Aleppo.

“This symbolic measure at a building known worldwide will aim to once again alert the international community to the need for urgent action,” said Paris mayor Anne Hidalgo of the city’s decision to turn off the lights of the Eiffel Tower.

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Fighting has intensified in Aleppo in recent months after a four-year stalemate ended in July. As Syrian forces advance into the city, once one of Syria’s most progressive, fears for the safety of its citizens have risen, especially the women and children caught in the crossfire.

On Wednesday, a ceasefire brokered by Turkey, collapsed less than a day after its implementation. The ceasefire, agreed by both sides so that thousands of trapped civilians and rebels could be evacuated from the city, broke down after government forces attacked a convoy of evacuees. As a result, the evacuation was suspended leaving the fate of thousands in limbo.

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According to Al Jazeera, thousands of evacuees waiting in the streets overnight now fear for their safety as Syrian forces are poised to retake Aleppo, their biggest victory in the five-year civil war. Syrian President Bashar al-Assad calls it as “historic”.

The Syrian civil war has killed thousands. In Aleppo alone, the Violations Documentation Center in Syria says an estimated 31,010 people have died, a tenth of the overall Syrian civil war casualties.

“The human cost of the fighting in Aleppo is simply too high. We urge all parties to stop the destruction and indiscriminate attacks, and stop the killing,” the Red Cross urged.

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