Published: Tuesday 18 July, 2017

Erich Gonzales Xian Gaza Coffee Date Cancelled After Actress Bailed Out

After initially agreeing to meet her ‘billboard admirer’, the Erich Gonzales Xian Gaza coffee date won’t be happening. Erich has changed her mind. Why? Isn’t it obvious? The guy is creepy! And after all that’s been exposed about him, Erich is better off not to have any contact with Xian Gaza at all.

erich gonzales xian gaza

The Erich Gonzales Xian Gaza date the latter has been dreaming about is cancelled. (Rappler photo)

It will be recalled that Gaza put up a giant billboard invitation in Morayta for a coffee date with the actress and posted it on social media. The post went viral. And, with his new-found fame also came alleged exposes about Gaza.

The businessman has been called a scammer, stalker, fame whore, celebrity-obsessed and many other adjective we cannot now recall. Of course, Erich must have heard/read about all these and, naturally, she’s be scared to even be associated with him. She won’t admit it publicly but it’s a natural reaction.

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“To be honest, regarding that issue, noong una, just like you guys, na-surprise ako. Natuwa naman ako sa effort. As things unfolded, lumabas ‘yung mga expose about him, ako naman kasi personally, lahat naman ng supporters ko naa-appreciate ko lahat ng ginagawa nila, malaking bagay o maliit man ‘yan,” Erich said during a recent interview.

Gonzales admitted that messages form Xian Gaza made her uncomfortable, to say the least (Maybe it’s more like SCARED).

“Parang naging uncomfortable ako. After talking to my family and my closest friends, I decided not to meet him na lang,” she said.

So, there is it. The much-awaited Erich Gonzales Xian Gaza coffee date is no more. Time for Gaza to look for another celebrity victim date. But with all that’s been written about him, I doubt if he’ll even find anyone who’ll even respond.

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