Published: Thursday 11 October, 2018

Ex-Boyfriend of Mocha Uson, Anson Tuana, Files COC for Senator! #Halalan2019

Angon Tuana Mocha Uson boyfriend

Angon Tuana claims to be an ex-boyfriend of Mocha Uson.

What’s worse than Mocha Uson running for senator or congressman? Her ex-boyfriend running for senator! Anson Tuana, who claims to be a former boyfriend of Mocha Uson, wants to be a senator!

Anson Tuana was photographed outside the Comelec main office in Intramuros this morning waiting to file his certificate of candidacy (COC). According to Radyo Inquirer, Tuana will file his COC for senator.

A nuisance candidate definitely… just like his ex! And add Freddie Aguilar to the list as well!

It’s uncertain if Anson Tuana’s claim is true, that he is Mocha Uson’s ex-boyfriend. But that seems to be his claim to fame, or notoriety. And it’s uncertain, as well, if he is qualified to even file a COC. Hopefully not because it’s just a waste of paper and ink!

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He calls himself Agi Tuana but some news outlets refer to him as Angon Tuana.

As for Mocha, she announced recently that she is definitely running in the 2019 midterm elections. In fact, she claims to have the support of President Rodrigo Duterte and even Sara Duterte though she is running as an independent. Not sure though what position she is targeting.

angon tuana mocha uson boyfriend

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