Published: Wednesday 03 January, 2018

From ‘Faceless’ P100, Netizen Shows Peso Bill with Two Faces of Manuel Roxas

The P100 bill with two faces! That’s the latest ‘misprint’ the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) is investigating after a netizen posted photos of a P100 bill with two faces of Manuel Roxas.

P100 bill misprint

The P100 bill with two faces of Manuel Roxas. (Facebook/Emmanuel Claudio Constantino)

Netizen Emmanuel Claudio Constantino claims the he got the P100 bill with two faces just before 2017 ended from a vendor in Tandang Sora market. He bought sparklers to greet the new year and received the misprinted P100 bill as change, Constantino told GMA News.

Whereas the previous P100 bill misprint showed no face on the paper currency, this one in Constantino’s possession had two faces of Manuel Roxas – one in the obverse side and another on the reverse side printed together with the image of the Mayon Volcano.

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“Kaya naman pala walang ulo yung isang daan niyo, nandito sakin 😂😂,” Emmanuel Constantino wrote in the caption.

There is no official word yet on from the BSP regarding this latest P100 misprint. No word as well if Constantino’s P100 bill is even genuine at all.

The Bangko Sentral has yet to locate the owner of the previous misprint, the one with no face. After posting it on social media and claiming to have withdrawn the money from a BPI ATM machine, the owner has yet to be located.

The BSP acknowledged that the faceless P100 bills were the result of a misprint and that only 33 pieces exist. The agency urged the public to turn over such misprints to the BSP for authentication.

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But with the rarity of such misprints, the BSP cannot blame owners who hold on to the misprinted bills. After all, they’re now worth much more than they’re actual value.