Published: Sunday 18 June, 2017

Father Adopts 14-Year Old Son After Finding Out Boy Wasn’t His

A man does not have to be someone’s biological dad to be his father. This is what this story proves when a Thai man adopted the 14-year old boy he thought all along was his son but turned out to be otherwise.

Father and son

Father and son. (Pixabay photo)

A 52-year old man, identified by the Bangkok Post as  Ake, and his wife had only one child, a 14-year old son. A few moths ago, when he wanted to get an ID card for his son, he discovered that the boy was not his.

Ake’s wife was away in Phuket visiting relatives at the time and he had to open a locked cabinet to get the documents needed for the ID. When he opened it, to his surprise, he found that the name of of his son was different. The birth certificate was in the name of a boy of the same age and born on the same date as his son.

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Ake then asked his son about it and the boy revealed that his mother, Ake’s wife had told him to use the name she gave him and, under no circumstances was he to tell his father about it. Otherwise, he may not be able to live with them anymore. the boy followed what he was told.

Fearing that his wife may have stolen the boy from someone else, Ake tried to remember the circumstances of the boy’s birth. He recalled that he was often away when his wife told him that she was pregnant and she decided to stay with relatives in Phuket during her entire term. She also forbade him to visit her in Phuket and only called to pick them up after the child’s ‘birth’.

Since then, he had been raising the boy as his son, his only child.

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When confronted with what he discovered, Ake’s wife told him the truth. The boy was not theirs but she didn’t steal him. She got the boy from a poor couple who already had six children to raise. Ake’s wife decided to get the baby because she could not conceive and feared that Ake would leave her once he found out.

Since the truth was out, Ake then sought the help of the Pavena Foundation for Children and Women, and the boy feared he would be returned to his biological parents. When the boy’s parents were found, they confirmed that they gave up their son for adoption 14 years ago and a tearful reunion followed.

Ake then asked if he could legally adopt the boy, the only son he had ever known. The boy’s parents agreed and it was a happy ending for all concerned.

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