Published: Wednesday 23 May, 2018

Filipina Student Jastine Valdez Found Dead in Ireland 2 Days After Abduction

The search for Jastine Valdez ended when police finally found her body on Monday. Missing since Saturday, 24-year old Filipina student Jastine Valdez, was reported to have been abducted on her way home. The suspect in her abduction has since been killed.

Jastine Valdez moved to Ireland from the Philippines three years ago for a better life. An only child, she lived with her parents in Enniskerry, about 24 kilometers south of Dublin. She was studying accounting and finance, and worked part-time in a restaurant.

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On Saturday, May 19th, she left work at around 5 PM and took the bus to Enniskerry. She never got home. Later that night, her parents reported her missing.

Witnesses reported seeing a woman being attacked and dragged to black SUV. The victim matched the description of Jastine Valdez. Her mobile phone was later found at scene.

Irish police traced the black SUV to its owner, a woman, who said that her husband used the vehicle on Saturday but did not return home. An alert was issued for the black Nissan Qashqai.

Police later found the vehicle and the suspect, Mark Hennessy. A confrontation ensued with the suspect reportedly charging at police with a knife. He was shot dead. Police later found a bloodied note inside the SUV believed to be a confession from Hennessy.

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After downloading satellite navigation data from the SUV, police were led to the area where Valdez’s body was found.

Police cannot find a connection between Valdez and her killer. Both of their phone records failed to show that they knew each other or even had any contact. Investigators now believe she was a random victim of Mark Hennessy.