Published: Thursday 20 September, 2018

Filipino Sephy Francisco Stuns X Factor UK with TWO Voices of ‘The Prayer’

Sephy Francisco X Factor UK

Sephy Francisco performing The Prayer on X Factor UK. (YouTube)

Sephy Francisco has done it again! Eight months after wowing audiences with male and female voice of The Prayer, Sephy stunned X Factor UK with the same feat! And she received a standing ovation from the X Factor UK judges who were left dumbfounded with her performance.

If you will recall, Sephy Francisco was the call center agent who joined I Can See Your Voice in Korea last January and shocked the audience when she started to sing both male and female voices of the popular Celine Dion – Andrea Bocelli duet. Video of the performance immediately went viral. (Watch it here)

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Now, on X Factor UK, Sephy has done it again!

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